♥ Welcome to Coup de grâce!

The dictionary defines "Coup de grâce", (pronounced ku- də-ˈɡrɑ), as -- 1. a death blow, especially one delivered mercifully to end suffering, and 2. any finishing or decisive stroke.

Along with the convenience that advances in modern technology has added to our lives, the internet, cell phones and social networking has also given those with devious minds a new way to lie, cheat and sneak around on the people they claim to love. Yet, as with most shady and guilty minds, they are oblivious to the fact that the very same technology can also be used to help the people they are hurting.

Social Media Cheating is classified as any relationship initiated through instant messaging, texting, chatting, and pictures placed on social media sites in order to develop and maintain a strong personal attachment with someone online. The majority of these attachments are slow to develop and are pursued in secret from the partner.

Needless to say, these activities can cause a great deal of heartache and pain. Every one of us has been burned at some point in our lives by someone we love. We deserve to know the truth when our gut is telling us "something is wrong". That feeling is called intuition, and you have it for a reason. Coup de grâce is here to help you when you get that feeling. We specialize in online infidelity investigation.

For obvious reasons, we will not divulge the methods we employ here on our website. Rather, they will be discussed with you fully and in private during your initial consultation with us. Since our clients' privacy is of the utmost importance to us, each client is given a specialized identification number and password that will be required in any and all corrrespondence between "you" the client and Coup de grâce.

Why not email us today for your initial consultation, and we'll begin, together, to find answers to the questions that are causing you concern.

♥ What To Look For

  • Changes In Intimacy
    - changes in sexual behavior
    - emotional distance

  • Suspicious Internet Use
    - Changing passwords or pin numbers on email accounts
    - Changing pages quickly or closing them down when you are around
    - Maintaining multiple email and social media accounts

  • Suspicious Phone Habits
    - Frequent deleting and clearing of text messages
    or just flat out hiding cell phone.

  • Changes In Normal Behavior
    - A partner who is extra nice or unusually mean could be compensating for a guilty conscience.